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Biographical Info Sample - the info box will show up on all your blog articles. Its great to create some sort of connection with your visitors, because if its a well written article people read the author box.


A really fun way to create a more quieter space for your writing. Just put in your email below to download the files and print them. If you can use thick paper the results are much better.

How to Use Gravatar & Your Author Box To Get Free Visitors

How to get more free visitors and branding using Gravatar and Your Author Box. This little trick will probably not make a best-seller over night but since its so easy to do and it will ad so much value to your brand it's definitely worth it.

Writing Challenge – Sexy Scene

Write a sexy scene in 30 words or less.

Oxford Comma T-shirt

We just launched the a new t-shirt for writers. The Oxford Comma Tee. Plenty of styles and colors to choose from.

What Authors Should Blog About – 15 Great Ideas

Your author blog is a very important tool and simple tool, yet so many authors forget or just neglect it.