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The FAQ page is a great place where you can answer the most common questions you get. Normally you can create your own questions and answers, or maybe from time to time when you get an email with a questions, after you answer it you can add it here for future visitors. People might ask about your new book launch, the next event you will attend etc

NO Contracts. So, far we had exactly 0 customers leaving us… and we are pretty sure contracts can’t keep people in happy. Besides you will have full access to your own server and website, to do anything you want with it. We are working towards being the best service providers for book authors in the world, and the most affordable ones. If you find someone better than us, we only ask to let us know.

Well to keep it short, I’ll give you access to my team for about 2 hours each month. You can get any sort of help you want from them, anything to do with your website, things like:

1. Design
2. Wed development
3. Marketing
4. Advice

Plus a million other things.

Depends, we can help you with your website, please contact us to discuss the details.

We spend most of the time closed to new members because we want to ensure the best performance and service possible for our current members.

So you will find that most of the time when you come to our website. Please keep in mind, that this is a done-for-you, type of thing so we can’t really accept to many members unless and keep the same quality.

From time to time we open the doors for a short period when we have new slots, or have added additional resources.

We always talk about the importance of having your own domain name. So the answer is yes, we can help you, we can even find one for you if you wish.

Ok, this is exaggerated a bit, but we get similar questions all the time. The short answer is yes, you need to move to our servers. We had to many problems working on clients websites and we can’t really be responsible for them when they are hosted on cheap shared hosting accounts.

“Authors or any business for that matter should not be using cheap $7 unlimited accounts!”

Article about author website hosting.