Your author blog is a very important tool and simple tool, yet so many authors forget or just neglect it. How can your author blog help you? Well a great well optimized and alive blog can:

  1. Connect to your audience in a personal way
  2. Help you sell more books
  3. Build a better and stronger author brand

NON-FICTION – write reviews of books in your niche or books that complement your niche. Post them on the blog then even post them on amazon.

“I love your tips on “public speaking”… I also love your approach on “Using statistics to grab attention” in my book I touch on the same topic, but with a different perspective but I also talk about how to “Build your credibility with the perfect 5 words introduction.

FICTION – Review books in your niche on your blog after you have read them, preferably start with the most popular books.

If your niche is erotica for soccer moms, review books like “50 Shades Of Grey” and title your review – “What to read after 50 shades” or “If you loved 50 Shades you will love this too” – and drop a reviews on amazon or other popular online book stores.

I have a pro tip on how to make money promoting other books on your author blog. Its all in my book – find it on amazon.


FUTURE TOPICS – list ideas or topics you wish to tackle in the future in your books

BOOK ENDINGS – talk about alternate book endings

CHARACTERS – blog about deleted characters or where did you get your inspiration for a certain main character

EXCERPTS – can post on your author blog, book excerpts of unpublished books, and set a launch date

CHARACTERS – interview your book characters about current events

VACATION – talk about your holidays and post photos even, or talk about if someone gave you a free plane ticket where would you go

BUY BOOKS – talk about where people can find your books and in what format, kindle edition, paper back or even autographed copy

LIBRARIES – best libraries in your city, libraries you love in your country, libraries you would love to visit around the world.

SAY THANKS – say thank you to your readers, reply to as many comments or reviews you can, not only on your blog but on social media as well

CONTESTS – run contests for free books or other merchandise (contact us if you need help)

YOUR MOVIE – create an dream cast of actors your would love to play “the movie” and why, and ask people to comment

WHY – Talk about why you started writing and your journey as an author with good and bad

FAN – Interview fans about why they liked your books

Don’t forget to share all your blogs on social media. But before you do make sure you learn about open graph, and how your page will look like on social media.

You’ll need to create a unique blog image, with a great title and description.

PRO TIP – here is how your page will look shared on Facebook and how to clear cache if you want to try a new image and text.

Here is a great place to find cheap or free images for your author blog.

If you are using WordPress download and install yoast seo plugin, it will make it really easy to control the post image for social media and the title and description. However if you are not using WordPress and have to control the open graph protocol manually its get a bit more complicated, but here is a link to learn how it works.

Please leave a comment below if you liked the ideas or if you have more, I would love to hear them. Also don’t forget to share! 🙂